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The Himalaya is one of the oldest mountains in the world. It has the tallest peak measuring about 28,000 feet from the sea level. With bare feet, walking on the ice-capped paths is a tough task for which, the trekkers even have to wear special shoes. As it is covered with snow all around, the human eyes tend to see snow for a long time and sometimes they go blind. This is called snow-blindness. So the trekkers have to wear special goggles to protect themselves from the blinding glare of snow. The temperature at the upper altitudes of the Himalayas, at times also reaches 400 degree Celsius or so. So, specially made clothes to withstand the freezing temperature are required for those who wish to trek to the Himalayas. The trekkers set up tents at different places and take rests at regular intervals in order to give their bodies the required rest. The glaciers that form in the Himalayas are sometimes deceptive.


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